I LOVE FieldNotes Notebooks

by Eugene G in

Something you may or may not have known about me, is that I like pens and paper. Yep, even in this digital age I still use pens and paper, fountain pens are my favorite. I’ll tell you more about fountain pens in a new post, but this one will be about pocket notebooks.

There are lots of brands, types and sizes of pocket notebooks. My favorite are Fieldnotes brand, ever since Brad and Mike from the PenAddict talked about them few years ago, I fell in love with them, the notebooks that is (even though I occasionally listen to their podcasts too).

From taking notes for work or writing down to-do lists or even keeping track of things like meetings, car maintenance logs or appointments or when our twin girl has a medical emergency and we need to refer back to that time, it’s super handy. In literal sense even, they are 3.5x5.5 inches in size. I keep one every where I can. I’ve been subscribing to their yearly (4-release) limited edition plan for few years now, so I collected quite a few by now.

A pocket notebook is almost an extension of my brain, if someone asks me to do something or I need to jot or sketch down an idea, boom I almost always have one near by. I do try to use waterproof ink in those, like the Pilot Juice .05mm (blueback is my fevorite), just in case I drop it in water or it gets wet some other way, like by one of the kids or Mother Nature.

You may wonder what I do with the old ones, well, take a guess :) I keep them. My memory isn’t perfect, so having these pocket notebooks to refer back to, sort of takes you back in time. It’s kind of like a journal, but not exactly. I frankly only started saving the FieldNotes, the other less expensive and different sized books, I really don’t know where they are now.

If you’re wondering if Fieldnotes sponsored or gave me these for free, I wish they did… but no they haven’t. Below is a collection from the last year or two, which is probably only 1/5 of the total collection.