Wedgewood Weddings | Sequoia Mansion in Placerville, CA | Melissa & Daniel.

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Melissa and Daniel got married in January, I love when couples go with unconventional dates or seasons. The weather was better than expected, even though it was a little chilly towards the end of the night. The venue, located at 643 Bee Street in Placerville, went through a renovation and the reception area is looking much better :)

From kids keeping everyone on their feet, in a good and jolly way of course… to tasty donuts the mansion provided, this was my favorite January wedding to-date. Congrats to you two once again guys!!!

Favorite candid photos from last wedding season... Emotions

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Welp, there goes another year… and before I start posting new weddings, here’s a tradition that makes me go through all the year’s wedding photos and pick some of my favorite candid moments. They’re subjective as always, and may not be technically perfect, but emotions in photographs are meant to trigger an emotion in the viewer. Capturing emotions is my favorite thing to do on weddings or photoshoots in general. Well I won’t get too emotional, lets get to it…