What, we got a puppy!!??!??!

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Yep, we sure did… even a year ago I wouldn’t think we’d ever have a dog… and being as busy as we are with 3 kids, well, it’s actually easier with the dog in the family now for the most part. Kids play with her, she can serve as a stress relieving fur pillow, and there’s just a unspoken connection that can’t be described.
She is still getting trained on some things, but over all is doing very well. After-all, who doesn’t love puppies?! We’re hoping that as both the pup and our autistic daughter get older, they’ll have a close connection that we can only appreciate and admire.

Here are some puppy visuals :)

I LOVE FieldNotes Notebooks

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Something you may or may not have known about me, is that I like pens and paper. Yep, even in this digital age I still use pens and paper, fountain pens are my favorite. I’ll tell you more about fountain pens in a new post, but this one will be about pocket notebooks.

There are lots of brands, types and sizes of pocket notebooks. My favorite are Fieldnotes brand, ever since Brad and Mike from the PenAddict talked about them few years ago, I fell in love with them, the notebooks that is (even though I occasionally listen to their podcasts too).

From taking notes for work or writing down to-do lists or even keeping track of things like meetings, car maintenance logs or appointments or when our twin girl has a medical emergency and we need to refer back to that time, it’s super handy. In literal sense even, they are 3.5x5.5 inches in size. I keep one every where I can. I’ve been subscribing to their yearly (4-release) limited edition plan for few years now, so I collected quite a few by now.

A pocket notebook is almost an extension of my brain, if someone asks me to do something or I need to jot or sketch down an idea, boom I almost always have one near by. I do try to use waterproof ink in those, like the Pilot Juice .05mm (blueback is my fevorite), just in case I drop it in water or it gets wet some other way, like by one of the kids or Mother Nature.

You may wonder what I do with the old ones, well, take a guess :) I keep them. My memory isn’t perfect, so having these pocket notebooks to refer back to, sort of takes you back in time. It’s kind of like a journal, but not exactly. I frankly only started saving the FieldNotes, the other less expensive and different sized books, I really don’t know where they are now.

If you’re wondering if Fieldnotes sponsored or gave me these for free, I wish they did… but no they haven’t. Below is a collection from the last year or two, which is probably only 1/5 of the total collection.

Life update and news...

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Phew, it's been quite a busy last few weeks. My brother got married 3 weeks ago, and yes we travelled to the wedding with all kids (we flew this time instead of driving). The wedding was in Las Vegas on a nice golf course with a great view. Congrats again you guys!

Sometime later, our oldest broke his ankle, got a cast and is off as of now. Mostly what I'm grateful for and I did wait 2 decades for it, is I finally became a US Citizen. #WooHoo

I could go on, but for that you can read my journal... if you ever get a chance to. BTW: I use fancy fountain pens and good paper for that ;) 

Enjoy a few visual snippets below...




It's the little things in life... x2

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Before the wedding season officially starts, I'm enjoying the little things in life, especially at home with the family. From being able to play with the kids, from going to the park almost everyday, taking our oldest to school and have his little brother tag along just because he likes to be in the car and look out the window, to falling asleep with both twins while the twin girl picks my watch with her tiny fingers mumbling her nightly tunes and realizing it's her dad... I too fall asleep with them sometimes. 

Here are a few random iPhone snaps from the last couple months:

Project 365 and what I think about it.

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If you've never heard of Project 365 before, than simply put it's a photography project where you take one photo a day and post it online, be it in a photography forum or group. I did attempt to start and almost finished it a couple times many years ago, but the task of being somewhat restricted or limited didn't positively affected my creativity. 

I think it's great when photography is your hobby or if you're just starting out, but for a busy professional it can become a chore. 

There were many days when I ran out of time and had to quickly find something to take a picture of, often time, well about half the time it was things around the house and backyard. Even though I did my best to get a creative spin on it, it still was at the same address. 

Getting out was great, but since I had to shoot one photo for each day, it made it difficult to get out everyday, especially driving-wise.  

If I really think about it, now it's a lot easier to get a new photo everyday. You can use your phone and get a snap either at work, lunch, post office, car or a coffee shop. When I did it, I used my DSLR, which I couldn't put in my pocket. So if you're all about taking photos, give Project 365 a try. If you think we're already 3 weeks into January and it's too late, well yes we are, but it doesn't matter when you start, calendar year is just a calendar year. 

Below are a few photos from the couple times I attempted to complete Project 365.  


How to fix iPhone Wi-Fi issues after iOS 10 update...

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If you're an iPhone user and updated to iOS 10, you may have wifi issues. My wife and I both did during the last two updates (she had issues with previous update and I had it this time). The solution to both of our problems was pretty easy actually, but not the cheapest necessarily. 

Our Wi-Fi router was getting old, so we had to upgrade either way. So I got a dual-band router, it has 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz (for faster speeds, especially close up) There are pros and cons of each band, but I won't go into detail here. The number one issue with 2.4Ghz, it's a popular band, therefore is very congested. 5.0 Ghz isn't as busy, but it's not as far reaching. 

I'm not sure what the iOS update did to the phone exactly, but after enabling the 5.0 Ghz band on the router, it's not dropping, always connected and speeds are 4-5 times faster. So that's it, and I hope it works for you too!

Here's a screen shot of the router settings with options to enable/disable the two different bands. Yours may be different.

Don't mind the SSID name, it is related to wedding photography ;)

Don't mind the SSID name, it is related to wedding photography ;)

Best gift for a photographer

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My sister in law got me the best Christmas gift a photographer can get (non-gear related). It's a coffee mug that looks like a lens. Very much so that if I'm in a hurry I can grab this one by accident instead of a real lens. I just need to keep the lid/lenscap off to not confuse the two. Thankfully I don't drink coffee when shooting, so such confusion is not very likely. Cheers!

lens coffee mug

Same outfits, different kids, 4 years apart

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The picture is of our boys (with their mom), the one on the left is of Sam in 2012. The one on the right is of Timmy this year.  They're even wearing the same clothes for the most part... and you can kind of tell they are brothers. That's such a perfect age, it just goes by too perfectly fast.

Oh and you can totally tell which photo was taken on iPhone 4 and which one on iPhone 6+ 

iphone-4-vs-iphone-6+ photo-comparison

Family selfie...not our best

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We're staying busy on the family front line, I would say we're busier now than before. Kids are getting older and faster each day. I think that each day is getting slightly shorter, constantly. If someone said that there's a conspiracy theory that the earth is spinning faster each year and days are getting ever so shorter, I would believe them... probably. 

Our twinkies are 15 months old now, they're in that wonderful stage of teething currently, putting us in the stage of not being able to rest as much as we'd like. Kids are like an investment, investment in our future, so we don't mind spending our time and resources on them. Oh and by the way, it's much more enjoyable than a stock market (totally unrelated, but you get the idea).

Here's a visual of our clan... yes photographers too take front-camera selfies with their families while trying to hold on to kids in their arms :) 

Note: This photo is too spontaneous, but that's how it goes more often than not.

Note: This photo is too spontaneous, but that's how it goes more often than not.

Two are better than one...

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Before the wedding season starts officially, I'm enjoying our twinkies as much as possible. They turned 8 months old today, in reality they're 6 months old (if they came out on time and not early). I wish they stayed this young for another 6-8 months, this stage is perfect in many many ways :))

our twinkies with dad

Update on our twins...

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As you know time changes things, it especially is good at changing people. Our twins have gotten bigger, accomplished some developmental milestones, can "almost" sit on their own and have started to put themselves to sleep by cooing or just making long noises with their lips or tongue... as long as they are rocked or on a swing of course. Milana, the girl is doing better... better than we thought she would, her brother is doing great. The best thing about this stage of their life is how they react and laugh, they don't care who looks or smiles at them, they just gleam back with that newborn smile, priceless.


My Mate-vation

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A lot of people drink coffee, it's the second most consumed beverage after water worldwide. My second most popular beverage is yerba mate tea and coffee falls on the 3rd place. Guayaki brand seems to be the most popular, well at least the easiest to find pretty much anywhere. As the people at Guayaki say; Yerba Mate has the "strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate" all in one beverage. As me and Igor (my photography assistant) say, "Be Happy, Drink Guayaki"


The cans are easy to consume, the gourd on the other hand takes a little getting used to... I'm still getting used to it. 


Life with newborn twins...

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As I sit down and feed our 7.5 lb little munchkin at 3:45am, then put him on my chest and almost fall asleep, I'm thankful for him and his sister... who isn't home yet. It's been the most fun, the most busy and the hardest year yet, but I do my best to enjoy the good moments so much that the not so good moments fade away. As I try to intake and enjoy every little and not so little moment, I realize that soon he'll be needing big boy' clothes, will ask for toys, then a cell phone. Kids grow up so fast that it's hard to keep up sometimes with their ever expanding appetites and changes overall. Only then I hear his "happy-in-sleep" giggles and wake up from my semi-nap that only lasted a minute or two and return back to reality... for now the money for his cell phone, will be used to buy him something more useful. All of our experiences will at least double, when the other twin comes home, and you know what? I'm actually looking forward to it, very much so in fact.