Life with newborn twins...

by Eugene G

As I sit down and feed our 7.5 lb little munchkin at 3:45am, then put him on my chest and almost fall asleep, I'm thankful for him and his sister... who isn't home yet. It's been the most fun, the most busy and the hardest year yet, but I do my best to enjoy the good moments so much that the not so good moments fade away. As I try to intake and enjoy every little and not so little moment, I realize that soon he'll be needing big boy' clothes, will ask for toys, then a cell phone. Kids grow up so fast that it's hard to keep up sometimes with their ever expanding appetites and changes overall. Only then I hear his "happy-in-sleep" giggles and wake up from my semi-nap that only lasted a minute or two and return back to reality... for now the money for his cell phone, will be used to buy him something more useful. All of our experiences will at least double, when the other twin comes home, and you know what? I'm actually looking forward to it, very much so in fact.