What I learned (unexpectedly) being a wedding photographer

by Eugene G

While thinking about the last year and all the experiences and lessons, I realized there are things that I learned even earlier, but they come in handy almost every wedding. Knowing the camera and other equipment needed for photographing weddings was a given. There are a few things I've learned over the last 7-8 years photographing weddings, that I wouldn't have otherwise. 


1. Tieing a Tie - Even though I wore ties before starting in the wedding business, I had my brother tie them for me or wore a clip-on tie ( I know, I know). After two occasions of groom/groomsmen's not knowing how to tie a tie, I knew I had to learn how to tie a tie... and so I did, the same day. Now I need to learn how to tie a bow tie :) 

how to tie a tie.jpg


2. How to Put on a Boutonniere - Some are easier to put on than others and some are more fragile than others, but in the end, they go on pretty much the same. Some are super easy to put on, it's almost like cheating, those use magnets to connect through the lapel. There's such variety with boutonniere's styles that they don't always go on identically. In most cases, having a little previous experience and common sense will work. Number one way seems to be to put one pin from top to bottom and second from bottom to top through the lapel, with pins going on the inside of the jacket with the sharp ends being safeguarded in the stem of the boutonniere.

putting on a boutonniere

3. How to Fluff/Adjust a Wedding Dress for Photos - Although most of the time bridesmaids take care of this, but there are occasions when they're in the photos with the bride and by the time they come out and fix it, it's more convenient for me to do it sometimes. Also when we steal the couple for intimate sunset photos, the girls usually don't come along, so that's when I have to know how to do it. I learned it from my wife when she came to shoot weddings with me. It's simpler than it sounds actually, a great start is to pick up the train and let if fall down on it's own, it usually sets in naturally and you may not need to fix anything after. 

arden hills resort and spa wedding photographer

Even though those things come in handy a lot, there are other things more unique to venues and people... as for those, I'm always learning and keep an open mind.