Favorite candid photos from last wedding season... Emotions

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Welp, there goes another year… and before I start posting new weddings, here’s a tradition that makes me go through all the year’s wedding photos and pick some of my favorite candid moments. They’re subjective as always, and may not be technically perfect, but emotions in photographs are meant to trigger an emotion in the viewer. Capturing emotions is my favorite thing to do on weddings or photoshoots in general. Well I won’t get too emotional, lets get to it…

Vizcaya Mansion Sacramento Downtown Wedding with Noelle and Kyle

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Noelle and Kyle were infectiously-cutely in love, at least that’s what I saw each time I looked at them. The entire day was awesome and the team at Vizcaya made it go without any hiccups, looking forward to be back here next year.

Rancho Victoria Vineyard Wedding in Plymouth, California with Connor and Rebecca.

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This venue may be hard to find if you’ve never been there before, but there’s so much more hiding behind rolling hills of grapes and fields. If you love wine, like Connor and Rebecca, this will be a perfect place to visit and you don’t even need to get married to enjoy what they have to offer. Wine tasting is right next to the big iron gate and super easy to find. Rancho Victoria Vineyard

Congratulation to Connor and Rebecca once again!!!