Photo of the week - Happy New Year from Our Twins!

by Eugene G in ,

At first I thought of posting this in the "Personal" section of the site/blog, but since it's the slow season for weddings, and I took this on New Year's Eve, this will work. If you still didn't know that we had twins, well you do now. They're 5.5 months old now, and yes one is a boy and another one is a girl. These two are a great blessing in many ways. Since they both came home (few months ago) we never had a full night's sleep, but the way I look at it is this: this is temporary, they won't always be this cute, helpless and harmless, I won't always be able to hold them or rock them both at the same time, and they won't always be near us 24/7. We'll take the interrupted sleep with a cup of coffee on the side for now, thanks!