Engagement session at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe with Grant and Kimberly.

by Eugene G in

Surprisingly, or not, since it's a popular and beautiful beach, Sand Harbor was packed on the day we had our photoshoot with Kimberly and Grant there. As the evening went on, people were leaving in good numbers, so it turned out perfect. 

Weather was perfect, water was perfect and of course Kim and Grant didn't disappoint. 

Here's a little preview of what happened :)

The Falls Event Center in Roseville, CA Wedding Preview | Megan & Josh

by Eugene G in

It was our first time at this specific location, mostly because they just opened up for business late last year. I loved every detail at this venue, it's spacious, clean and just perfect to host a celebration of two people getting married, especially people like Megan and Josh. Here's a little preview from their wedding day.