Favorite candid photos from last wedding season... Emotions

by Eugene G in ,

Welp, there goes another year… and before I start posting new weddings, here’s a tradition that makes me go through all the year’s wedding photos and pick some of my favorite candid moments. They’re subjective as always, and may not be technically perfect, but emotions in photographs are meant to trigger an emotion in the viewer. Capturing emotions is my favorite thing to do on weddings or photoshoots in general. Well I won’t get too emotional, lets get to it…

My favorite candids from 2017 | Sacramento Area Wedding Photographer

by Eugene G in ,

After doing a few of the "Best Of" blog posts in the first month of a new year, I decided to try something new and instead focus on a specific emotion/genre/style of wedding photography, "candid moments". If not for this post, you may have never seen so many emotions at one time in one blog post. Candid photos are some of my favorites to capture, although it's not the only style we incorporate into our sessions. Enjoy :)

None are really in any specific order, just like candid moments...

Favorites from 2016